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RBD Electrical would like to assure all stakeholders that we are treating the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. Many of our clients provide essential services to the community and we recognise the importance of being able to provide continued support during this time.

In response to advice issued by the Australian Government, we are conducting our day to day practices with a heightened level of vigilance. For example, we have implemented our own COVID-19 safe work procedures and we are also carrying out regular audits of our work crews. This is to ensure our operations are as diligent as possible with respect to protecting our employees, clients and the general public by:

  • maintaining social distancing
  • practising personal hygiene
  • adherence to COVID-19 procedures
  • continued monitoring of the health and well-being of our employees
  • following all client specific directives and updates
  • forwarding and communicating any correspondence that we receive, and
  • strategic separation of work teams and individuals, both in the field and offices

We will continue to work with clients and employees to continuously improve our COVID-19 systems and processes by monitoring alerts, advice, guidelines, government briefings and recommended best practices. Our Safety Team has been tasked with overseeing the implementation of our COVID-19 strategies, feel free to contact us directly with any queries or concerns at  or call our office on 0364 272 678.

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