Data and Communications

Data and Communications Services

Modern commercial offices and occupied buildings have multiple data systems with miles of fragile cable and thousands of terminations. Modern data systems using Fibre and Ethernet are now very mature technologies. However, the sheer scale of the data network in any modern building requires experienced installers who know how to install whilst maintaining an orderly, identified, accessible, and upgradable system with rigorous pre-commissioning. Experience is required to install the cable management systems whilst the building is under construction and interfacing with other construction contractors working to careful schedules.

RBD Electrical has dedicated data and communication installation technicians who understand how to overcome the complexity of installing thousands of data and fibre cables in a major installation, encompassing the data room, workstations, fire systems, access and security systems, and ensuring trouble free commissioning into service.

Technologies and services provided by RBD Electrical include:

  • Fibre optic networks
  • Ethernet networks
  • CAT5 to CAT7 patching and media converting
  • Security systems
  • Access systems including swipe card and FOB readers
  • Cameras and remote monitoring