EV Charging Station Installation in Tasmania

Wholly Tasmanian owned company

With a continuing rise in the number of EV’s on our roads, introducing an EV charging station can significantly benefit your business by attracting and retaining customers, displaying your commitment to sustainability, and boosting employee satisfaction. An EV charging station aligns with the global move towards environmental sustainability, promoting a greener image for your business. The initial investment required to install an EV charging station is likely to be recouped over time through increased customer retention, employee satisfaction, and possible government incentives.

RBD Electrical offers a comprehensive installation process, including assessment, quotation, approvals, installation, testing and commissioning, and maintenance. The process involves a thorough assessment of your business premises, obtaining necessary approvals, and ensuring the station operates efficiently and safely. After installation, an agreed maintenance schedule can be established to maintain the charging station in a safe and working condition.,

Source: TasPorts Press Release: https://www.tasports.com.au/news/ev-chargers-power-up-tasports-sustainability-commitment

Choosing RBD Electrical for your EV charging station installation allows you to align with the future of transportation while providing valuable services to customers and staff. With RBD’s assistance in navigating the installation and approval processes, your business can be part of Tasmania’s sustainable future sooner than you think.

Contact our Hobart office or Devonport office to discuss your requirements, answer any questions you may have and to obtain a detailed quote.