Hydro Tasmania

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RBD Electrical has been performing work for Hydro Tasmania across the state since 1998.

Recent installations performed by RBD Electrical for Hydro Tasmania consist of simultaneously carrying out the complete electrical package of work associated with the Major Machine Upgrades at Meadowbank, Catagunya, Gordon, Liapootah, Fisher and Cethana power stations which includes:

  • Decommissioning of the complete existing electrical installation and removal of all the old panels and equipment
  • Installation of a complete new cable tray system
  • Installation of approximately 800 new cables and their termination and testing
  • Installation of all new switchboards, main control panels, remote panels, drive starters, junction boxes and end devices
  • Pressure, temperature and flow instrumentation installation
  • High voltage cabling and connections
  • Switchyard EHV equipment at Fisher and Cethana stations
  • Earthing of all new equipment and panels
  • Fibre and communication installation, termination and testing
  • Excitation transformer and control installation
  • Point-to-point of all wiring terminations
  • Assist with pre-commissioning and commissioning
  • Excitation transformers and control systems replacement program across the state; and,
  • Liapootah Power Station – Generator power cable replacement

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