Hobart Airport Lighting

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Hobart Airport Apron Floodlighting 

As part of the apron capacity upgrades at Hobart Airport, which saw a move to power in push back operations, the apron floodlighting required replacement. RBD Electrical was engaged as the Principal Contractor to undertake this project. Eight new 32m light masts, carrying a total of 20kW of LED lighting on lowerable head frames, were erected upon ~60 ton concrete foundations installed by our civil subcontractor. All new power reticulation was installed underground across the apron requiring careful coordination with airport operations and significant out-of-hours work. As the Airport was fully functional throughout the entire project, the existing lighting had to remain in service and much of the work had to be completed at night to avoid disruptions to airline services. RBD tested and commissioned the system to MOS139 requirements and finally decommissioned the pre-existing flood lighting system on night shift, allowing the massive poles to be lowered without risk to aircraft and people.

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