TasNetworks – Chapel St. Substation

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TasNetworks – Chapel St. Substation

The major scope of works was to complete an 11kV protection panel replacements at Chapel Street Substation. The technology is a modern 11kV distribution system – with protection relays monitoring and tripping 11kV feeders that distribute throughout Glenorchy.

The project timeline was to complete the works over a six-month period, before the onset of winter. Feeder outages during winter were much harder due to high power demand from Glenorchy residents. A carefully controlled schedule was required for isolations, replacing each protection panel, and completing secondary protection – in order to maintain uninterrupted power to all customers throughout the project. The secondary panel connections were complex and risks of feeder trips were high, however the project was completed incident free.
The works consisted of:

  • FAT testing of all the new protection relays
  • Removal of each protection panel one at a time and replacement
  • 24 x 11kV feeder protection skin replacements
  • 2 x 11kV busbar coupler protection skin replacements
  • 4 x 11kV incomer protection skin replacements
  • 2 x Transformer protection panel replacements
  • Remote terminal unit replacement with a SCADA panel
  • Fibre Optic ring around the whole installation
  • Cable installation in switchyard requiring excavation within the yard

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